2024-04 Public Report


  • April 22nd: Provider performed emergency maintenance to replace faulty card in DWDM equipment. No outage observed.
  • April 18th: The link between Årnes - Kongsvinger went down due to unannounced maintenance work carried out by supplier.
  • April 11th: Link break between Kiruna and Kalix is restored.
  • April 9th: We saw software issues on some of the DNS nodes. The reason was a compatibility issue with the operating system's latest kernel, which was reverted.
  • April 4th: The link between lnu-r5 - vxj-r1 was down. The reason for the outage was an unannounced planned maintenance by fiber provider.
  • March 14th: The link between Mörarp - Lund flapped multiple times and triggered disturbances on internet traffic for several customers in SUNET network. The problem has been identified as a degraded fiber pair and has been escalated to the supplier to be fixed.
  • January 5th: The fiber between FSN2-MDH1 has become longer since installation. Created SUNETOPS-1837 to track this.


  • April 28th: Provider performed fiber maintenance in Linköping.
  • April 28th: Provider performed a cable repair maintenance.
  • April 25th: SUNET performed an emergency hardware maintenance on router kau-r2 to resolve an ongoing issue.
  • April 24th: Provider performed power maintenance. No outage observed.
  • April 23rd: Provider performed planned cable maintenance in Säve, Göteborg on Rise VPN
  • April 23rd: The connection between SUNET and JOHANNELUND in Uppsala was migrated over to SUNET-CD.
  • April 22nd: Provider performed network optimizations in Göteborg. No outage observed.
  • April 22nd: The provider performed equipment replacement in Stockholm and Härnösand. No outage observed.
  • April 22nd: Provider performed planned fiber maintenance that affected the link between Svappavaara - Junosuando.
  • April 18th: Maintenance to migrate the SUNET routers in Uppsala and UU to new hardware was performed.
  • April 17th: Planned maintenance performed, however due to issues rollback was performed.
  • April 15th: Supplier performed cable maintenance.
  • April 15th: Provider performed an optimization maintenance.
  • April 10th: The supplied performed cable work.
  • April 10th: Provider performed cable work.
  • April 7th: Supplier performed software upgrade in Kristinehamn.
  • April 7th: Supplier performed network maintenance. No outages observed.
  • April 4th: A planned maintenance to migrate the SUNET routers at Umeå to new hardware was performed.
  • April 3rd: SUNET performed preparation work to migrate HIG to SUNET-CD. 
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