Welcome to the Sunet Wiki

Sunet's aim is to provide Swedish higher education sector with access to well-developed and effective national and international data communication, national academic identity infrastructure and other related services that meet the needs of the sector, whatever their geographical location. For more information in Swedish about Sunet please visit https://www.sunet.se.

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This is the landing page for all Sunet services and collaborations wiki spaces. On your left you'll see two tabs, one for services and one for collaborations. Under each tab there are links to different spaces in each category.

Wiki language

The content on this wiki is both in Swedish and English based on the different expected space audiences.

When do I need to log in?

Only users that need to update content or need access to restricted spaces need to log in to the Sunet Wiki. When you log in you don't get access to any content until you get access rights to you space(s).