Wallet ecosystem

This page tries to visualize the EU Digital Identity wallet ecosystem in different ways to create an understanding of how it could work.

Table of contents

Aspects relevant to the wallet ecosystem

EUDIW according to the ARF

Below pictures are from the ARF v1.4.

For a more detailed explanation of each role see the ARF definitions.

ARF ecosystem

ARF Reference architecture

Other resources

General information

General overview of the wallet ecosystem

Mindmap of EUDIW ecosystem

DC4EU EUDIW pilot setup


2023-04-19 Sunetdagarna - slides (in Swedish)

2023-06-07 TNC23 - slides - recording (presentation starts at 2:00)

2023-09-11 TF-EDU meeting - slides - recording (presentation starts at 6:25)

2023-10-10 eduGAIN Town Hall - slides

2024-04-23 - Sunetdagarna - slides (in Swedish)

2024-06-10 TF-EDU meeting - slides

2024-06-11 TNC24 (Session Digital Freedoms on Tuesday)  - slides - recording (presentation starts at 58:40)


Evolution of identity management

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