SWAMID - Swedish Academic Identity Federation

SWAMID is an identity federation that includes most higher education institutions and government agencies that is involved in higher education and research in Sweden. A list of member institutions can be found in Swedish at the page SWAMID Members. SWAMID offers quality assured and secure identification of employees, students, alumni and other associated in higher education in Sweden, in the Nordic countries, in the rest of Europe and also in North America and Asia.

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Read our Getting Started with SWAMID page. Looking for technical information and guides? The eduroam and SAML WebSSO sections are for you. Our SWAMID Advisories page contains information about current security events related to SWAMID. Our SWAMID News and SWAMID Events pages contain link to current activities and updates from the SWAMID Operations and Board of Trustees.


SWAMID Blog posts and Security Advisories

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About SWAMID Wiki Language

The SWAMID Wiki is mostly provided in English to facilitate integration of SWAMID by non-Swedish speaking organisations and companies. There is however pages only in Swedish when the intended readers are from Sweden.


Example of a standard attribute resolver for Shibboleth IdP v3.4.0 and above
13.10.2021 08:31 CEST Paul Scott
Release of assurance statements in the attribute eduPersonAssurance based on SWAMID Identity Profiles
12.10.2021 17:10 CEST Pål Axelsson
SAML SP Best Current Practice
12.10.2021 11:57 CEST Björn Mattsson
Contact SWAMID
12.10.2021 11:55 CEST Björn Mattsson
4.1 Entity Categories for Service Providers
29.09.2021 10:59 CEST Pål Axelsson
SWAMID BoT 2021-09-21
21.09.2021 16:53 CEST Pål Axelsson
SWAMID Members
21.09.2021 16:45 CEST Pål Axelsson
SWAMID Incident Management Procedures
16.09.2021 11:15 CEST Pål Axelsson
SWAMID Board of Trustees
14.09.2021 15:16 CEST Pål Axelsson
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