2023-12 Public Report


  • December 22nd: The CPE in Lund was unreachable and the outage was due to provider´s maintenance.
  • December 19th: The link towards SLU-SKARA went down, possibly due to power outage.
  • December 5th: The link between Kalmar - Bergkvara was down due to a fiber break.
  • December 5th: One of the links towards ESH went down due to a fiber cut.
  • November 22nd: Laser-current abnormal alarm in EDFA in Norrköping cleared after provider replaced faulty EDFA.
  • November 10th: The faulty ROADM was replaced first and then a cold restart to clear the laser-current abnormal alarm in Narvik.


  • December 22nd: The provider performed network optimization in Lund.
  • December 20th: SUNET performed a controlled restart of the network card at the MIUN Campus router miun-r1.sunet.se.
  • December 19th: Power maintenance was performed at site in Kalix.
  • December 19th: SUNET restarted a fpc on the router kka8-r1 to clear some errors.
  • December 19th: SUNET performed a card restart on the router at the KAU Campus in Karlstad to restore the link from an error state.
  • December 19th: SUNET performed a restart of the optical equipment to troubleshoot an error state.
  • December 15th: The transceiver end in MIUN Campus was restarted.
  • December 13th: Customer performed network maintenance in their premise.
  • December 12th: Provider performed planned fiber maintenance between Vårsta - Eskilstuna.
  • December 12th: The site rebuilt work in Haparanda has been completed.
  • December 11th: Provider performed maintenance a fiber cable between Härnösand - Sundsvall.
  • December 11th: Provider performed rerouting maintenance between Lund - Hörby & Hörby - Gussa Svenstorp.
  • December 11th: Provider performed cable work on the stretch Timmersdala-Hallsberg.
  • December 6th: Provider performed network maintenance in Hudiksvall.
  • December 6th: Provider performed network maintenance in Hudiksvall.
  • December 6th: Loop testing was performed on MIUN circuit.
  • December 6th: Supplier performed planned transmission reconstruction in Luleå.
  • December 5th: Provider performed upgrade maintenance in Södertälje.
  • December 5th: Provider performed a fiber maintenance in Kristinehamn.
  • December 5th: The link service between Stockholm-Oslo was successfully re-created.
  • December 4th: Supplier performed fiber maintenance in Borås.
  • December 4th: Provider performed an emergency fiber repair that affected connections towards SMHI.
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