2023-02 Public Report

  • February 9th: Routing issues that were caused by a faulty FPC. We replaced the FPC.
  • December 15th: Fiber Loss high alarm observed in UPA-RM1. Alarm cleared after provider disabled and then enabled the fiber detect function.
  • February 28th: SUNET upgraded the software version at one of the optical components in Lund.
  • February 19th: Duplicate, see SUNET-191.
  • February 8th: The SCU in shelf 2 was rebooted by remove and insert in the shelf, the alarms (Mod led was flashing yellow) cleared after his and the node went back to normal. No outage observed.
  • February 7th: SUNET performed a maintenance to optimize the optical channel on the link between Kalmar and Kalskrona.
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