2024-01 Public Report


  • January 30th: We had a link down in Falun. The reason for the outage was due to a bad fiber patch.
  • January 24th: The router sh-r1 booted in error state after unexpected power outage during maintenance. Configuration and software has been restored.
  • January 20th: The link towards IML went down for a couple of minutes. RFO unknown.
  • January 16th: Outage on the link between Mörarp - Lund after maintenance work. Temporarily resolved by switching to another fiber.
  • January 16th: A flap was observed on the link Växjö - Kalmar. Link up after equalisation of service.
  • January 16th: Higher attenutaion was observed on the stretch between Rusken - Alvesta and Alvesta - Gussa Svenstorp. The signal level is back to normal and is stable.
  • January 16th: Link between Trollhättan - Göteborg was down due to degraded signal on the stretch. The signal is back to normal and services restored.
  • January 11th: The bgp session between his-r1 and SHS was not down in router, it was only the monitoring tool which reported incorrectly.
  • January 4th: The reason for the flaps was that the sub-provider had an operational disturbance caused by bad weather.
  • January 2nd: The routers dco-r1 and dco-r2 at the datacenter Orion became unreachable due to power outage.


  • January 30th: Fiber provider performed cable splice maintenance.
  • January 30th: A planned maintenance to connect the main UPS to the power central in the DCO network room was performed.
  • January 29th: A planned maintenance to migrate the Sunet routers at KTH to new hardware was performed.
  • January 25th: Provider performed an emergency fiber maintenace to improve attenuation on the link towards MDH.
  • January 25th: Provider performed network optimisations in Hudiksvall & Göteborg. No outage observed.
  • January 24th: Provider performed an emergency fiber maintenace to improve attenuation on the link towards MDH.
  • January 23rd: Provider performed maintenance in Örnsköldsvik, no outage observed.
  • January 23rd: SUNET performed link calibration on the connection between Uddevalla and Göteborg.
  • January 22nd: Provider performed an internal upgrade maintenance that affected customer connection in Stockholm.
  • January 19th: Provider perform a planned card replacement maintenance that affected link in Karlstad.
  • January 18th: Provider performed upgrade maintenance.
  • January 16th: Provider performed upgrade maintenance in Skellefteå & Piteå.
  • January 16th: Provider performed cable maintenance in Säve, Göteborg on Rise VPN.
  • January 16th: SUNET performed a performance monitoring maintenance on the link between Umeå - Vasa.
  • January 15th: Service provider performed upgrade of central networking equipment.
  • January 15th: Fiber provider troubleshooted the fiber circuits at Morarp. After the maintenance we can not enable raman and few services are still down. This has been escalated to fiber provider and is tracked in another ticket.
  • January 15th: We performed a planned link performance monitoring maintenance.
  • January 14th: Provider performed upgrade maintenance in Göteborg and Piteå.
  • January 10th: The provider performed planned cable repairs in Oslo, HMG9.
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