2023-07 Public Report

  • July 19th: Disruption observed with DNS server sunic.sunet.se. After steps were taken to mitigate issue. Traffic load has since been been reduced and back to normal. No more issues observed for some time now.
  • July 11th: We had FPC errors in our router in Stockholm. Reboot of the card fixed it.
  • June 30th: The router (mah-r1) became unreachable due to a FPC crash. It later came back after nearly 20 hours. But we replaced the FPC.
  • June 27th: The backbone link between umu-r1 - ume8-r1 went down. RFO will be provided later.
  • June 27th: The link between Kalix - Kiruna was down. RFO not found.
  • July 25th: We change edserver that some customers are using as jumphost to reach the sunet routers, sg-1.sunet.se.
  • July 21st: The core link between Växjö and Kalmar did not load correctly on the monitoring system. SUNET performed a maintenance to restore this state.
  • July 19th: SUNET re-configured all connections at the Kimstad site (KIM2) following the hardware upgrade earlier this year.
  • July 17th: Provider performed an emergency maintenance to investigate degraded power levels observed on the circuit.
  • July 13th: SUNET re-confgiured all connections at the Nybro (NYO1) site.
  • July 6th: Provider performed fiber maintenance affecting our backbone link between Kalix and Kiruna.
  • July 5th: SUNET re-configured the link Kristianstad - Karlskrona following a new procedure from the hardware provider.
  • July 5th: Hardware maintenance was performed on mah-r1. The faulty FPC was replaced.
  • July 4th: SUNET performed software upgrades of optical nodes in Växjö.
  • July 2nd: Provider performed a fiber maintenance between Narvik - Abisko.
  • June 30th: Provider performed a fiber maintenance between Narvik - Abisko.
  • May 25th: SUNET performed an emergency maintenance to replace a faulty optical hardware component.
Hardware2 pcs 20:263 pcs 00:145 pcs 20:40
Link2 pcs 00:516 pcs 1d 02:398 pcs 1d 03:30
Other1 pcs 0 pcs 1 pcs
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