2022-12 Public Report

  • December 19th: The problem resolved itself and alarm is now gone.
  • December 17th: sunic.sunet.se beacame unreachable which affected all the zones slaved. Solved with hardware replacement.
  • December 11th: Router slu-r2 was unreachable due to a memory spike that lasted for 25minutes. We've taken steps to reduced memory usage.
  • December 9th: sunic.sunet.se was unreachable and problem was solved after performing cold restart.
  • December 9th: L2circuit between hkr-r1 and bth-r2 flapped a few times. No RFO found.
  • December 1st: irf-r1.sunet.se was unrechable due to memory isue. It is fixed now.
  • November 4th: Major PEM0 alarms on lu-r1, replaced PEM 0 and alarms disappeared.
  • December 15th: Emergency maintenance to implement an Infinera box in the link between se-tug - fi-csc.
  • December 9th: We migrated The Cloud from our router tug-r3 to our new firewall tug-s11. Everything looks good, no faults reported.
  • December 8th: The router ltu-r1 was replaced to with new hardware.
Hardware5 pcs 09:162 pcs 00:087 pcs 09:24
Link1 pcs 00:081 pcs 00:442 pcs 00:52
Other0 pcs 0 pcs 0 pcs
Routing0 pcs 0 pcs 0 pcs
Software0 pcs 0 pcs 0 pcs
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