2023-10 Public Report

  • October 23rd: The link between HH2 and SUNET Core hh-r2 - gbg7-r1 did not come up after fiber maintenance. Provider has repaired the fiber and link restored.
  • October 18th: The RISE CPE in Göteborg - gbg-c7 was unavailable due to fiber break.
  • October 9th: There was a fiber cut in the stretch between Kalmar and Nybro. Fiber was repaired and all services restored.
  • September 28th: The CPE pta-c2 in Piteå raised an alarm for beeing unreachable for a while. But the alarm seems to have been faulty. SUNET will investigate this.
  • July 21st: The ROADM in Örestad didn't display Rx values in port C4. ROADM replaced.
  • October 30th: Provider performed fiber maintenance on the fiber between Härnösand - Sundsvall.
  • October 26th: Maintenance was cancelled.
  • October 26th: SUNET performed fiber measurements between Boden and Luleå.
  • October 25th: The provider performed a fiber maintenance in Stockholm.
  • October 23rd: Provider performed a network optimization maintenance in Linköping.
  • October 23rd: Fiber maintenance was not performed.
  • October 23rd: Maintenance has been cancelled.
  • October 23rd: SUNET deployed active live monitoring units for all fiber stretches on the circuit between Kiruna, Falun, Luleå, Kalix and TUNDRA.
  • October 23rd: This maintenance ticket will be closed. We will track the link down issue on SUNET-860.
  • October 22nd: Supplier performed splicing work on optical cable between Mjölby - Mjärdevi.
  • October 22nd: Circuit provider performed an emergency maintenance affecting the IP Transit Connection to Östersunds sjukhus.
  • October 20th: An emergency maintenance to re-route Geant services permanently over to a new path within SUNET optical network was successfully performed.
  • October 18th: Provider performed an network maintenance in Östersund.
  • October 18th: Provider performed a fiber maintenance that affected our link between Kåbdalis - Arvidsjaur.
  • October 18th: Due to a construction on infrastructure, provider had to perform a maintenance to re-splice and relocate cables that affected our link between Malmö and Tomelilla.
  • October 16th: We replaced the EDFA module on our Amplifier in Alvesta.
  • October 15th: Provider performed maintenance between Nordmaling - Örnsköldsvik. No outage was observed as a result of this maintenance.
  • October 11th: Provider performed planned upgrade maintenance that affected Rise VPN in Linköping.
  • October 10th: Link Flap occured between Mörarp - Ballerup. RFO unknown.
  • October 10th: SUNET deployed active live monitoring units for all fiber stretches on the circuit between Karlstad and Luleå.
  • October 5th: Provider performed rerouting of cables affecting the Optical channel between KTH Stockholm and KTH Södertälje.
  • October 3rd: SUNET performed a planned maintenance to troubleshoot optical equipment in Ørestad
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