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Kalmar Unionen Page: SWAMID WebSSO FAQ (SWAMID)
SWAMID Identity Assurance Page: Arbetsplan för MFA i Nais (MFA i NAIS)
Page: SWAMID Workshop 1 2018 - Hur blir min organisation godkänd för SWAMID AL1 eller SWAMID AL2? (SWAMID)
Page: SWAMID Identity Assurance Profile (SWAMID)
Page: Person-Proofed Multi-Factor Profile (SWAMID)
Page: Identity Management Practice Statement (SWAMID)
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SWAMID Identity Assurance Level 1 Profile Page: Workshop 3 2013 (SWAMID)
Page: SWAMID Webinar 3 2014 (SWAMID)
Page: SWAMID Webinar 4 2014 (SWAMID)
unknown Page: Workshop 4 2012 Service Provider Bootcamp (SWAMID)
Page: Workshop 1 2012, SWAMID 2.0 implementering (SWAMID)
Page: Workshop 2 2013 (SWAMID)