Policy Review 2020-2022 - Community Consultation 2

SWAMID Operations and SUNET CERT now invite everyone to read and comment on proposals for new and updated security incident procedures in SWAMID.

As part of SWAMID's ongoing policy review, a new version of SWAMID's security incident procedures is being developed. The new version basically follows the eduGAIN Security Incident Response Handbook, which was developed at the end of last year to harmonize the incident procedures between the academic identity federations. SWAMID Operations has adapted the handbook into a proposal for new security incident procedures based on the SWAMID setup.

Policy document included in Community Consensus Process 2

  • SWAMID Incident Management Procedures v2.0

Community Consensus Process Time Period 2

During the period February 19 to March 31 2021, it is possible to discuss and comment on the proposed changes. Subsequently, SWAMID Operations will go through comments and discussions that have emerged. The arenas for discussions and comments are the zoom meetings, the mailing list saml-admins and direct mail to SWAMID Operations.

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