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Entity categories is used for data release minimization and scalable attribute release from an Identity Provider within SWAMID to a Service Provider in SWAMID and/or eduGAIN.

Expected attribute release based on entity categories

x - Users are expected to have a value and that should be released, if no value is present do not release an empty value.
o - Release only if the user has a value on the attribute.

AttributWithout enitity categoryGÉANT CoCoREFEDS R&SSWAMID R&ESWAMID SFS-1993-1153Eleg loa2-pnr
Beroenden Release attribute "only if required" in metadata1 SWAMID R&E is used in pair with one of the entity categories SWAMID EU-Adequate-Protection, SWAMID NREN-Service and SWAMID HEI-ServiceRelease only for only for users with a Swedish personal identity number (sv. personnummer), a Swedish co-ordination number (sv. samordningsnummer) or a organisational student interim identity number (sv. interimspersonnummer)Only for Identity Providers and their users that fulfills the assurance profile SWAMID AL2 and where the user has a Swedish personal identity number (sv. personnummer) or a Swedish co-ordination number (sv. samordningsnummer).

eduPersonPrincipalName xxx  
eduPersonUniqueID3 xxx  
eduPersonOrcid o o  
norEduPersonNIN    o 
personalIdentityNumber     o
mail xxx  
displayName xxx x
commonName x x  
givenName xxx x
surname xxx x
eduPersonAssurance x xx 
eduPersonScopedAffiliation x x  
eduPersonAffiliation x    
organizationName x x  
norEduOrgAcronym x x  
countryName x x  
friendlyCountryName x x  
schacHomeOrganization x x  
schacHomeOrganizationType x    

1 The entity category GÉANT Code of Conduct does not have a specific attribute bundle. Instead of an attribute bundle it uses attribute request in metadata for specific required attributes.

2 eduPersonTargetedID should only be released in with the entity category REFEDS Research & Scholarship if eduPersonPrincipalName is reassignable.

3 eduPersonUniqueID must be a long term unique identifier that will not be reused. If eduPersonPrincipalName is non-reassignable then eduPersonUniqueID can have the same value as eduPersonPrincipalName.

URI for all entity categories used within SWAMID


URI for all assurance profiles used within SWAMID

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