On 16 Mar 2020, at 06.23, Jørgen Qvist wrote:


over the weekend and this night, Zoom has built a new dedicated web cluster for NORDUnet running in the AWS Stockholm region. 
It is designed to support at least 100.000 concurrent users. Over the weekend our on-premise setup has been rebuild to support
approximately 20.000 concurrent users. 

This means that the NORDUnet Zoom service all together can support approximately 120.000 concurrent users.
We will continue to monitor the situation closely and hope that what has been put in place will hold up…

What can you do to help?

  • Communicate to the community that spreading the load over a longer period will allow all to utilise the resource better.
  • Advocate that lectures are moved from Online meeting to OnDemand where we are also adding additional transcoders which again will help spreading the load
  • Inform that the users experience will be different when people move to home - Internet2 have done a nice blog about this https://www.internet2.edu/blogs/detail/17583/

A banner has been added on the status page https://status.nordu.net/ that hopefully would at least let Zoom admins know what their status is..

Konkret innebär det att on prem kapaciteten är fyrdubblat sedan förra veckan och det är inte lika bråttom att byta till licenced om ni inte har gjort det redan.

Man kan hålla ett öga på status sidan och det blir också infoutskick till mailing listan så fort det kommer något.

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