In SWAMID's SAML WebSSO Technology Profile Section 3 on Compliance and Audit, there is a requirement that all registered Identity Providers and Service Providers must annually validate that the registered entity is still operational, and that the metadata is correct.

In order to facilitate compliance with the annual inspection requirement, SWAMID Operations will send out a reminder to all Identity Providers and Service Providers. If the Identity Providers and Service Providers representative does not access SWAMID's metadata tool within a reasonable time after reminders and annual confirm the entity, the entity in question will be deregistered from SWAMID until this process is completed. We will send out the reminder to administrative and technical contacts in metadata. Check that these contact details for all yours all Identity Providers and Service Providers are correct via and if not correct, update as soon as possible.

It is possible in advance to enter and carry out the annual check for your registered entities by searching for the respective entity, opening the detail view, and click on the "Annual Confirmation" button.

SWAMID Operations
Pål Axelsson

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