Inventory management

The default choice for inventory/asset management software in CNaaS is SUNET NI (which github project?).

Adding new devices will follow this workflow:

  1. Customer orders new equipment
  2. Once equipment has been allocated/shipped/delivered (when we know serial numbers etc) add to NI using one of:
    1. Serial number, model is entered manually into NI
    2. NMS "device_init" triggers adding of new device in NI including hostname, serial number and model
    3. Vendor "install base" API is polled and serial numbers and models are entered into NI
  3. Location and hostname is updated manually in NI if needed once equipment is installed
  4. Device is marked as "in service" in NI
  5. NAV will poll NI API and add any new devices that are in status "in service" (location can be automatically entered into NAV?)
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