CNaaS init access with one uplink

If for some reason you need to do ZTP of an access switch while only one of it's uplinks are connected you can "fake" the other uplink by manually adding the missing link to the database:

docker exec -i -t cnaas_cnaas_postgres_1 psql -U cnaas
INSERT INTO linknet (device_a_id, device_b_id, device_a_port, device_b_port) VALUES (3, 2, 'Ethernet3', 'Ethernet2');

device_a_id is the device_id of the other DIST switch in the mgmtdomain pair (the one that's not currently connected)

device_a_port is the port/interface on the DIST switch that should be used as downlink later on once it has been connected

device_b_id is the device_id of the access switch that you want to initialize, it should already be in DISCOVERED state

device_b_port is the port/interface on the access switch that will be connected to the dist_a_id at some later point

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