Sunet Trusted Certificate Service (TCS)

SUNET is part of the GÉANT TCS service since 2007 (although it was TERENA SCS back in those days). The backend for the service has been provided by GlobalSign, Comodo, DigiCert (2015-2020) and Sectigo (2020-). SUNET customers can become members of the SUNET TCS service without extra charge and get server, client and code signing certificates.


Certificate requestors: please see your own organization's web pages about TCS certificates.

Certificate administrators, see SUNET TCS 2020- Information for administrators for information about the current system.


SUNET TCS 2020- Information for administrators
23.05.2024 13:19 CEST Kent Engström
Zoom om certifikatautomatisering 2024-02-08
08.02.2024 15:33 CET Kent Engström
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