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Test tools

  • Show what attributes an IdP releases to SWAMID has a test suite for attribute release at To get access to the log-files at  with the following tests
    • Show all attributes released to the test service. Replaces the old test service please send your eppn to
    Test if your Identity provider follows SWAMID best practice on attribute release:
    • Optionally test eduGAIN attribute release best practice for entity categories in Identity Providers: !
    • Verify that the Identity Provider handles entity categories correct as defined by SWAMID Best Practice
    • Verify that multi-factor login is handled correct
  • Optional eduGAIN Attribute Release Check at
    • REFEDS R&S Test should give verdict A+
    • GEANT Data Protection Code of Conduct Test should give verdict A+
    • No Entity Category Test should give the answer "IdP sends basic information while some required information is missing"
    Test if Identity Provider technically fulfils the requirements for REFEDS SIRTFI and if the entity category REFEDS R&S is fullfilled:
  • Test if your Identity Provider fulfils the requirements for person proofed multi factor login: https://mfa-check.swamid.seTest with the Shibboleth Identity Provider built in script aacli (/opt/shibboleth-idp/bin):

./ -u https://fqdn.av.idp/idp -n <användarnamn> -r <entityID av tjänsten du vill testa mot>

Exempel: ./ -u -n svensven -r

SWAMID har en lista med anslutna SWAMID Service Providers including interfederations inkl. entityID.

Monitor and statistics tools