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A company or organization that wants to provide services that rely on identities provided by SWAMID members does not usually need to become a member of SWAMID. For the SAML WebSSO technology profile the service provider only has to accept the SWAMID Metadata Terms of Use (ToU). This acceptance does not have to be communicated to SWAMID.



Requesting registration of a service provider in SWAMID implies acceptance of the SWAMID Metadata Terms of Use (ToU).

SWAMID WebSSO Service Provider


  1. Review and decide to accept the SWAMID Metadata Terms of Use (ToU). If you accept the ToU you do not need to communicate this to SWAMID Operations.

  2. We tag Service Providers with entity categories and encourage our IdPs to use them for attribute release. Please read through our 4.1 Entity Categories for Service Providers and decide which apply best for you. Please provide a motivation for your choice as described in the defined request processes for each entity category! SWAMID has a defined SWAMID Attribute Profile that describes the normal use of attributes within the federation.
  3. Email SWAMID Operations to register and publish metadata for the service provider. This step implies acceptance of the ToU and constitutes a legally binding agreement to abide by the ToU. Please look into step 4 in the Shibboleth Service Provider installation instructions below to make your service provider work better with users within the federation and inter-federations.
  4. Integrate SWAMID Metadata into the service provider and optionally configure use of the SWAMID Discovery Service.