Campus Network-as-a-Service (CNaaS) is a service within SUNET, providing a fully managed service for LAN/WLAN networks at university campuses.

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CNaaS Documentation

There are three parts to the documentation of CNaaS at SUNET:

  1. Product documentation - Documents the different products we use. For NMS and NAC documentation, see below. (Public access)
  2. Service documentation - Documents the SUNET specific processes. (Mixed public/private access)
  3. Customer documentation - Documents specific details of one customer implementation (Private access)


As part of this project a network management system called CNaaS-NMS is being developed to automate the management of the campus networks, the software is open source and can be used by anyone outside of SUNET as well.

Blog can be found here: Campus Networking Automation - Introduction

Source code available at Github


Modules / VMs

Dev / test environment setup

Lab Setup


Software Architecture (Google docs)

Code coverage status (

CNaas - NAC (Network Access Control)

In order to provide end users with an authentication mechanism CNaaS NAC was invented. It relies on freeradius ( for user authentication using 802.1X with MAB as fallback for clients not being able to use 802.1X.

Source code is available on GitHub:

Freeradius can either be integrated towards the existing user database (LDAP, Active Directory etc) or use Postgres to store credentials. CNaaS NAC provides both an API and a web interface to handle users if Postgres is chosen for storing credentials.

CNaaS NAC API reference.

CNaaS NAC Web interface


CNaaS NMS Installation
15.05.2024 15:03 CEST Johan Marcusson
Campus Network-as-a-Service (CNaaS)
12.12.2023 10:04 CET Mikael Ottosson
CNaaS NAC (RADIUS) felsökning
10.11.2023 16:20 CET Markus Hertzén
Arista MLAG for access configurations
23.10.2023 15:28 CEST Johan Marcusson
Git for CNaaS-NMS
10.10.2023 13:31 CEST Johan Marcusson
Register with for git repos
10.10.2023 11:25 CEST Johan Marcusson
Service Documentation (Public)
28.08.2023 11:00 CEST Johan Marcusson
Raspberry Probes
30.06.2023 11:24 CEST Magnus Bergroth
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