Avbrott i Zoom tjänsten helgen 2-3 november

Info 2019-11-05

Here is the morning update:
H323/SIP - we have put a work around in place so this is again working!

LTI/Canvas - there was a table in the database there was not migrated this is now done so LTI integration now works!

SAML - all accounts mappings has been checked - outstanding is new accounts will be created as Basic accounts this
needs to be changed to Corp by the account admin this is done via the drop down on the SAML mapping paged in the Zoom web interface!

SAML - this setting is now fixed on the backend so no need for any admin changes to accounts! 


Efter migrationen meddelade Nordunet följande 2019-11-04

Hi All,

Some things where not as they should be after the migration this weekend.

H.323 via NORDUnet On-Premise did not work, fixed by rebooting the servers.
Seems like the primary problem was with load balancer 01 after that was rebooted the
rest seemed to get shaken back into working order.

Some (1 institution) have reported problems with Canvas LTI integration, the Zoom
Migration team is looking at this.

Zoom Rooms have the worng state in the web portal. They work fine and after they have
been in use or rebooted they appear correctly again.

The default SAML mapping have been reset to Basic, Zoom Migration team is looking into this.

If anything else is reported in please use zoom@media.nordu.net to report, so we can
keep track and get everything addressed.


Nyaste information 19-10-28

Hi All,

The migration of all of our Nordic Zoom accounts data to the EU datacenters has finally been scheduled.

The data migration will take place during the coming weekend, 2/3 November.

The Data Migration will take place starting from
12 UTC on Saturday, November 2, till 12 UTC Sunday, November 3.
The service will be (periodic) unavailable during the full service window.

Please make sure to communicate this to all users, using your respective channels.
NORDUnet will make the information available at media.nordu.net as well as tweeting it to @ndn_media

Regarding the GDPR implications and resulting updated SDPAS’s we are currently working with CSC/FUNET
lawyers on an updated DPA with Zoom.

Bo S Ståhle

Följande mail har gått ut till våra maillistor.


Zoom kommer att migrera till datacenter i EU under rubricerad helg.
Nordunet meddelar att detta kommer att innebära ett avbrott i tjänsten för varje instans 

utan att exakt kunna ange vilken tid.
Ni kan läsa meddelandet vi fått från Nordunet och Nocen har en s.k. trouble ticket där
aktuella uppdateringar kommer att hamna.

Det positiva är att licensdata och statistiken kommer att hamna innanför EUs gränser.

Trouble ticket för uppdateringar:


Meddelanden från nordunet:

The migration will take place in the weekend of 2nd to 3rd of November.

From start to finish it is estimated to take around 24 hours in total.
We're still figuring our at exactly which time they will start as we where missing
timezone information on the start time (around 12 noon).

So if you send out the weekend nobody will get trapped by that.

The account being moved will be unavailable. Ongoing meetings will be interrupted, chat history not cached in the client will be unavailable,

new logins will not work. Administrative web interface will be unavailable. 

But that will be for one account at the time for an unknown duration during the service window and the accounts will be moved in unknown order. 

Zoom has created some software to manage the migration, but there will be things to patch after the software has run. A verification process to go through. 

För mediateamet

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