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Code Block
	<md:OrganizationName xml:lang="sv">Exempel</md:OrganizationName>
	<md:OrganizationName xml:lang="en">Example</md:OrganizationName>
	<md:OrganizationDisplayName xml:lang="sv">Exempelorganisationen</md:OrganizationDisplayName>
	<md:OrganizationDisplayName xml:lang="en">Example organization</md:OrganizationDisplayName> 
	<md:OrganizationURL xml:lang="sv"></md:OrganizationURL>
	<md:OrganizationURL xml:lang="en"></md:OrganizationURL>


ContactType (<ContactPerson contactType="xx">)

Shall be one of types techincal, support, administrative, billing or other. SWAMID require technical or support contact points but highly recommends use contacts in metadata of technical, support, administrative and security by other.

The "other" type is mainly used by IdPs and SPs that have SIRTFI

EmailAddress (<EmailAddress>)

A contact address for the function. SWAMID recommends function addresses. SWAMID does NOT recommend personal email addresss due to GDPR as this information is published in metadata.