Policy Review 2020-2021

SWAMID's policy framework is undergoing the third major review since SWAMID's first policy was written in 2006. The goal of this review is primarily to clarify, simplify and last but not least to open up more login methods than passwords. The basic premise of the policy review is that no one who is currently approved according to the current assurance framework incl. assurance profiles need to go through a new approval process except for the new assurance profile SWAMID AL3.

The review is being carried out by SWAMID Operations, but all member organisations and affiliated services will be able to comment on and propose changes in several Community Consensus Processes. This process means that SWAMID Operations sends out one or more of the policy documents for review and comment. Subsequently, SWAMID Operations will invite you to presentation and discussion meetings. You can also send comments to the mailing list saml-admins or directly to SWAMID Operations.

Current status

Policy DocumentDateCurrent statusComment
SWAMID Federation Policy2020-06-15FinalCommunity Consensus Process 1
SWAMID Identity Assurance Level 1 Profile2020-06-15FinalCommunity Consensus Process 1
SWAMID Identity Assurance Level 2 Profile2020-06-15FinalCommunity Consensus Process 1
SWAMID Identity Assurance Level 3 Profile2020-06-15FinalCommunity Consensus Process 1
Replaces  Person-Proofed Multi-Factor with high identity assurance.
SWAMID Incident Management Process2021-04-03Consultation finishedCommunity Consensus Process 2
SWAMID Community Consultation Process2021-05-06Consultation startedCommunity Consensus Process 3
SWAMID SAML WebSSO Technology Profile2021-01-15Update started
SWAMID eduroam Technology Profile
Not started
SWAMID Nyttjanderegler av SWAMIDs Metadata
Not started
SWAMID Metadata Registration Practice Statement
Not started

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