Person-Proofed Multi-Factor Profile

Will be deprecated 2020-12-31

This multi factor login profile is superseded by Identity Assurance Level 3 Profile.

Within the Identity Federation SWAMID is trust that universities, university colleges and other members manage users and logins good enough the foundation for Service Providers to be confident that it is the right user that is accessing the system. To define what is good enough SWAMID has decided on two Assurance Profiles for Identity Providers and their users. Normally, the requirements of SWAMID AL2 are sufficient, but in some cases, enhanced login security through multi-factor and possibly increased user identification requirements are required.

The Assurance Profile for  Person-Proofed Multi-Factor means three things:

  1. Extension of SWAMID AL2.
  2. Multi-factor logging requirements according to certain models.
  3. Two different level of user identification requirements:
    1. The same level as in SWAMID AL2, or
    2. Identity verification against approved physical identity documents, i.e. approved identity cards and passports.

Decided Person-Proofed Multi-Factor Profile:

When applying to be approved for using SWAMID’s personal verified multifactor profile, the member organization must send to SWAMID:

  • Assurance Declaration for SWAMID AL2 incl. authentication solutions and processes for the Person-Proofed Multi-Factor Profile is through an Identity Management Practice Statement descibing how the Member Organisation fulfills the requirements.
  • All documents, or link to the publicly published documents, referred to in the Assurance Declaration.

SWAMID Audits the Member Organisation based on the Assurance Declaration.

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