Interfederation Practice


SWAMID participates in a number of interfederation agreements:

By the SWAMID Policy the authority to interfederate resides with the SWAMID Board of Trustees. Contacts and information requests about interfederation agreements should be directed to

Interfederation Model

SWAMID operates a full-mesh federation based on the saml2int profile. All interfederation agreements is therefor represented by the exchange of SAML metadata between the connected federations. For each interfederation SWAMID maintains an upstream metadata feed. This is a signed SAML metadata document (a signed <EntityDescriptors/>-element listing those entities in SWAMID that are exposed to the peer federation. Normally each entity owner opts-in to each interfederation upstream.

Conversely SWAMID accepts a downstream metadata feed from the federation peer. This document MUST be digitally signed and the signature MUST validate before the contained entities is accepted. All valid entities from all federation downstream feeds is included in the main SWAMID metadata feed and is made available to all SWAMID members. The recommendation from SWAMID to its members is that they consume the full set of metadata including entities received from interfederations.

Optionally each upstream from SWAMID can be decorated to suit interfederation policy, such as the for instance the edugain metadata requirements.


Members of SWAMID are able to use the Identity Provider Discovery services provided by SWAMID. Services that participate in interfederation agreements with SWAMID SHOULD configure their discovery services to list SWAMID identity providers.